Ten on Tuesday

1) I LOVE my clients. I met so many fun clients and their families this weekend and oh how I heart my job.

2) PMan is all into “pretend” these days. For a long time he used to pretend to be “Mr. Conductor”, but lately we’ve added “Parker Doggy” and “T Rex Spiderman” to the mix. I think this warrants an individual post, so more to come!

3) Connor is still non.stop. He’s practically running these days!

4) I’ve been attempting to make lunch FUN these days, again, this warrants its own post, but the PMan is actually eating most of his lunch these days.

5) Pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin candles….I’m ready for Fall!

6) PMan had his first soccer game this past weekend, I’ll let the pictures {coming soon!} tell all.

7) I love our neighborhood this time of year. Everyone is outside and its so fun getting the kids together after dinner.

8) I have a girls afternoon planned with one of my besties next Saturday and I CANNOT wait. It will be nice to do a little shopping, a little whatever and a LOT of eating sans kiddos.

9) Connor’s favorite food these days, blueberries. Favorite word “Dog”.

10) I have one more spot for my Holiday Photography Mini Sessions on November 6th in Fort Mill, SC and I’m looking at adding another day of Mini Sessions due to a waiting list of people with conflicts on the 6th. If you are interested, email me at erin{at}madisonlanephotography {dot}com.

Charlotte and Fort Mill Moms Photography Class

{This gorgeous photograph was taken by one of my many talented students Kim!}

Are you a Mom with a nice digital SLR camera but don’t know how to use it? Do you want to know how to get those vibrant colors or make your child’s eyes “pop”? Want that magical “blur” in your photographs?

This class will not teach you how to be a professional photographer, but it WILL teach you how to take better pictures of your kids. You will learn how to shoot in full manual mode on your digital SLR camera–this is key to getting the pictures you love of your children. You will also learn some tips and tricks I use when photographing children as well as a basic understanding of the ingredients for proper exposure. Class size is limited and tends to fill quickly. Email me at erin@madisonlanephotography.com to reserve your spot.

Moms Photography Workshop Details:

When: Sunday, September 26th from 1-4pm

Where: The Bump Maternity Boutique in Fort Mill, SC {Baxter Village}

Tuition: $75 {needed to reserve your spot}

For more information and to see what others have to say about the class, go to www.madisonlanephotography.com.

my best buddy

see this guy here

he’s one of my best buddies :)

and i just love him so!

today he went #2 on the potty {it’s a work in progress, for well over a year, but that’s ok} and his special surprise was this microphone….

and we called daddy to tell him all about it.

little did i know about MY special surprise……a song he made up with his new microphone

and it goes a little something like this, “mommy is my friend, mommy is my friend, mommy is my friend”.

oh how my heart melted.

Top Ten Tuesday

1) We had a GREAT 3 day weekend, lots of family time, lots of friends time, lots of stuff accomplished around the house :)

2) Parker has started saying some super cute/funny things lately my favorites include “Mommy, you see my eyes?” {said when he is trying to get my attention and to make sure I’m paying attention} and “I can’t help myself”. It is so funny to hear him say things like this…..he’s 3!

3) Connor has been pretty stinkin’ cute too. He’s “talking” a lot and likes to pretend to talk on the phone {we think he actually says “hello”}. He also likes to “blow” {spit} on his food to cool it off like I do.

4) Connor is also nonstop all over the place these days. He’s getting faster and faster on his feet and pretty soon he’s going to have two speeds “stop” and “run”.

5) We took Parker to ride the “train” this weekend~it’s really the Charlotte Lynx system to downtown. He loved it!

6) B and I discovered a new wings place thanks to our friends Ashley and Glen and we ate wings 2 out of 3 days this Labor Day weekend.

7) Thankfully the weather has been AWESOME and the humidity is actually at a minimum so we’ve been taking family walks after dinner to work off our new wings addiction.

8) For all of you Moms with Cameras out there, I think my next Moms Photography Workshop is going to be Sunday September 26th from 1-4pm. I should have this confirmed in the next day or so. I’m excited because our class will be held at The Bump in Fort Mill and they have THE CUTEST baby gifts and maternity clothes!

9) I’ve made a list of “projects”  I want to get accomplished before the end of the year. I’ll post that later this week.

10) I have a REALLY busy week this week. I’ve got 4 photo shoots {love!}, my moms group is starting back up on Thursdays, and we’ve got our first MOPS meeting this Friday. This is going to be a FUN CRAZY week!

picky eater

so i have a confession to make….i’ve got a VERY picky eater on my hands. and by picky, i mean my 3 year old won’t even eat dinosaur chicken nuggets!

i have always tried to feed my kids very well. choosing organic whenever possible and pretty much avoiding anything processed. but i caved the other day during a moment of weakness and bought the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets in hopes that P would be excited about eating them.

um yeah, he basically bit T-Rex’s head off and declared “i don’t like these dinosaur nuggets”. grrrrrre-at. i’ve only got about 50 more of those in my freezer!

so i’m desperate. what do you feed a child who won’t even eat toddler standards such as chicken nuggets and spaghetti??? not to mention anything remotely healthy? and of course it has to be egg free.

i have come across two websites recently that may offer some solutions and i thought i would share them with you:



i haven’t been able to spend too much time there yet, but anyone have a really picky eater? what do you feed these children??? i have no advice here!

project organization~master bedroom closet

this project has been long past due, but with my parents in town and extra help with the kids i was feeling motivated to get this crossed off my to do list. over the past few weeks i had REALLY just let my side of the closet go and it was really stressing me out every morning when i would pick out my outfit for the day. i thrive on organization and when one area of my life is a mess, i feel like my life it out of control!

here are some “before” pictures:

it’s really sad because we do have a VERY large master closet. you are just seeing “my side” :) alas, after spending about 2 hours and getting rid of 6 bags of clothes, i’m happy with the new look. i’ve got everything organized by season and type {ie. short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, dress shirts, work out shirts, t-shirts, etc.}. it was hard to let go of some stuff, but i kept thinking there are people who have no clothes at all and i have clothes i haven’t worn in a few years, that made the letting go easier :)
and here is my organized closet!
my morning routine is SO much easier with an organized closet! now i just need to keep it this way :)

it’s official…..i’m a soccer mom!

this weekend parker had his soccer open house. he is SO excited to play soccer, so much so, that he wears his shin guards around the house and to bed! parker had a great time “playing” soccer {aka chasing the ball} on saturday. it was just a scrimmage, but parker’s doing well dribbling the ball. i’m excited to see him progress this season and cheer him on at his games.

here are a bunch of pics from saturday of my cute little soccer player!